Tsuruga terminal Co.,Ltd

Corporate profile

Trade name Tsuruga terminal co.,Ltd
Address 22-1,Kanegasaki-cho,Tsuruga-city,Fukui-Pref,
Japan Zip code 914-0072
Foundation Sep.1996
Start of operation Jan.1997
Capital 300,000,000yen
Borad members
President Makoto Sakae
Directors Taketo Kitagawa
Directors Takashi Harada
Auditor Seiji Imahori
Credit Banks The Hokuriku Bank,Ltd.
The Fukui Bank,Ltd.

Business outline

  1. Products processing and contracting business for oil,gas,
    other fuels and related products,chemicals(※1)and pharmaceuticals(※2)
    ※1 organic and inorganic chemicals
    ※2 including toxic substances,non medical use,additives for foods
  2. Deals of products above-mentioned
  3. Storage service
  4. Maintenance,repair and cleaning of factories,ships,vehicles,machinery
  5. Freight forwarding business
  6. All business related above-mentioned
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